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Customer testimonials tell the whole story about the YumiHomes philosophy in action.

Alice Clemente

I engaged Yumi Mandt-Rauch for an apartment in Mar Vista which had not been vacant for 10 years. For over a month, Yumi supervised, and worked herself, in bringing the apartment into perfect condition. She recommended re-grouting the tiles, resurfacing the enamel surfaces in the kitchen and bath, inspected and recommended the touching up of the paint which had been done the year before, including painting inside closets and shelves, fixing doors and windows to work smoothly and cleaning every square inch inside and outside. She made sure that both the cosmetic and the mechanical aspects of the apartment were to her satisfaction.

She was very hands-on, doing some of the labor herself and working effectively with my handyman whose English is somewhat limited. Yumi speaks Spanish. When the apartment met her very excellent standards, she brought in a few pieces to "stage" the apartment. She then worked with a professional colleague who locates appropriate tenants. Within a few weeks, they had located a very desirable tenant, drew up the lease to both protect me and to conform to Los Angeles laws and statutes, and facilitated the signing process.

The tenant has been wonderful. The work Yumi did was excellent, and work I could not have done on my own. I would use her again in a heartbeat.

Alice Clemente

Ben Schob and Phillip Hinds

It was a real pleasure working with Yumi, she made the experience feel very stress free. At every step of the way it was clear to us that she had our best interests at heart, and that she would go the extra mile to make sure that we were well looked after throughout the whole process. Her knowledge of property laws and regulations was impressive and she was extremely thorough making sure nothing was overlooked. She also had at her disposal other services such as painters, professional cleaning services and the backing of her reality company Keller Williams.

I would highly recommend Yumi Mandt-Rauch as our realtor of choice for all our property transactions. It was an honor to work with her. We could not have been in better hands.

Fatima Bajramovic

Two years ago we were trying to buy a condo. Our agent was very experienced and knowledgeable but pushing for prices that were more that we could afford. Being pressured, we gave up. 

This time I decided to try our luck with Yumi's friendly smiling face from Zillow. It turned out great. Yumi would put herself in like she was buying the property for herself but, no pressure. If you need someone who is always available and knows the area well, go with Yumi - you won't make a mistake. She is in the business for a long time, purchased and sold her own properties that gives you confidence that she knows what she is doing and you are in good hands.

Yumi, thank you again for helping us purchase our beautiful home.

Gay Abarbanell, CFP®, CSA

My condo went on the market as the market was plummeting. Yumi was tireless in staging, analyzing the rapidly changing prices and repeatedly showing the unit to both other realtors and to prospective buyers. At the same time I left the country on a 3 week trip. Yumi kept up the intense attention to getting my unit sold by year end and dealt seamlessly with the person holding my Power of Attorney. When she finally secured a buyer and, negotiated a good price considering the state of the market, the buyer's bank withdrew the particular class of loan they were pre-qualified for. Once again, Yumi worked non-stop through the holidays and the deal still closed on the last day of the year. No one could ask for a better, more knowledgeable, more dedicated ally. Even after the closing she has still been there assisting with many little things that came up.

I would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone looking for not only the best realtor in town but the kindest and most persistent on your behalf.

Jamie Redmond

Yumi was an incredible realtor as we looked for our first home. She really cares about her clients and understands what they are looking for. After looking at several units Yumi was very open in giving us advice on how to look at a home as an investment and trends in different parts of the city. Thanks to Yumi we didn't waste a lot of time looking at homes that weren't what we wanted- she found us the best places and worked within our budget.

We will definitely be recommending Yumi to our friends- she was amazing

from Jamie Redmond

Leonard and Claudine Edelstein

When we had our second child we were looking to move into a a bigger house that could fit our growing family. Yumi was an amazing realtor and friend that with so much patience and hard work made our dreams come true! She was always there for us even when we felt that we couldn't do it anymore, I was 9 months pregnant ! Yumi is an honest, caring person that really cares about the best interest of her clients. Yumi not only found the perfect house for us but also was able to sell our townhouse.

In the past we have worked with other realtors but I have never met anyone like Yumi. She does her job with grace and kindness and lots of professionalism.

Martha Hanley

Thanks for all your hard work.  It has really paid-off!  I feel so fortunate to have sold my condo while the real estate market is going through such a troubled and volatile time.  I knew you would cover all sales and marketing bases.  Your determination, energy and attention to every detail made this sale possible.  Again, I am so grateful to you for this wonderful outcome!

Migiwa Coplan

During my search for my dream home, many seller's agents I encountered didn't pay attention to visitors or some times ignore my presence since I didn't look like a serious buyer. Even if some agents talked to me and answered my questions, answers were vague because they wanted to sell a property, of course. But Yumi was different. When I met Yumi at first time, she was showing a property as a seller's agent. I was impressed the way she set up the Open House. The property was decorated in detail, simply and logically, and yet very welcoming. When I asked her some questions, she took her time to answer my questions honestly. She could convince or feed me selling points of the property, but she didn't because she understood the property didn't serve my needs. Instead, she gave me an advice. Definitely, she was not a salesperson, but she is a professional real estate agent. That is why I chose her as my agent.

During my search of dream house, like some seller's agent prejudged me, I prejudged her by her impression. She looks young and gentle and soft spoken, so I had some doubt if she could negotiate well. But it was a silly thought. As a trustable and responsible agent, she could fight for me all the way, yet in a reason. She won't take advantage of people, but her sense of fairness will eventually win over every ones interest. My experience with Yumi has been excellent. Not only I found a real estate agent, but also I found a great friend. So, when she asked me to write a letter, I answered "YES" without any reservation. Her thoughtfulness, patience and working ethic were beyond ordinary. I have no doubt she will represent anyones best interest.

Mindy Roth

The instant I met Yumi, I liked her. What's not to like? Her passion for real estate and dedicated nature ensures continuous successful transactions. She has excellent people skills and is very flexible. Yumi is extremely dedicated and hard-working. She is knowledgeable about properties and she uses public resources skillfully. 

She will literally get on her hands and knees to help you clean, lay tiles, or whatever you need to do to prepare your property for sale. Additionally, Yumi has a keen sense of design. She enjoys staging properties as part of her service (no extra charge). The finished product is exceptional. When Yumi staged my condo, it looked so enhanced and artful, I almost didn't want to sell it!

In fact, we got an offer so fast that I had to quickly find another place to buy. Again, Yumi was there for me. She knew how to navigate through contracts and paperwork to ensure all deadlines were met in a timely manner and that all the necessary documents were in place. Yumi was so diligent, that she caught major errors on the seller's part. She saved me from losing a lot of money. Needless to say, I was confident that in Yumi's hands, the deal to buy my new place would close and it did!

I don't think I could have had a better real estate agent. I truly appreciated Yumi's patience, persistence, and support during the sale of my condo and purchase of my townhouse. She produced results. I would absolutely recommend Yumi to anyone wanting to sell or purchase a property! At the end of your real estate journey, you will have a friend for life!

Noriko & Ken Watanabe (from Yokohama, Japan)

For us, as a very first-time buyer of the US real estate from Japan, Yumi is not just another good real estate agent! She taught us from A to Z about the market, business customs,legislations, and many other things, in order for us to become a good buyer there. Despite of our time differences, she often sent us long e-mails about the purchase in the middle of the night in LA.

Yumi is truly a very honest, hard-working, and sincere business person that you can always count on.

Paul and Tracy Freeman

We highly recommend Yumi to anyone interested in buying or selling a home. Her knowledge of the marketplace coupled with great instinct, commitment to giving 120% to every client, extraordinary attention to detail, warmth, sense of style and, above all her honest, ethical approach make her an ideal partner in what can otherwise be a very trying process. We were fortunate enough to engage Yumi as our listing agent for our three-bedroom townhouse in Culver City. We listed at a time when the market was declining, and were told by other parties that (1) we had priced our unit way too high and (2) we should expect to wait a year to sell.

Under Yumi's expert guidance she developed marketing materials that positioned our home brilliantly, pulled together persuasive rational for the price and then staged it to look more pristine, bright, spacious and inviting than ever. The result was an accepted offer within 3 days or our initial listing, at only 3% off our asking price! After we entered escrow, Yumi drove the escrow process staying, on top of every last detail. If you are looking to sell your house in the LA area, you definitely want Yumi's knowledge of the market, energy and organization on your side! She is a joy to work with and she gets excellent results.

Paul and Natalie Mallard (Message sent to Broker's Office)

Keller Williams Realty, 4644 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 July 8, 2010

To whom it may concern:


I have owned Real Estate all of my life and have encountered people from all over the world from all walks of life, and I am proud to say that Ms. Mandt-Rauch, is an exceptional individual. Her approach to her duties was one of a kind, personable, and well thought out. Ms. Yumi Mandt-Rauch listed a condominium that my husband and I owned in Culver City in March 2010, which as you know was a very difficult time in the market and few people were buying. Mrs. Mandt-Rauch staged, interviewed, and the process went off without a glitch. My husband and I have never met a real estate agent with such integrity and honesty. She presented the situation, told us not to worry, and handled everything. Our condominium sold in May 2010 (outstanding). Yumi has a heart of gold and a personality that is hard to beat.

Mrs. Mandt-Rauch understands people, which is a quality to have in this line of business. When you understand the client, you anticipate their needs and adapt the situation to meet those needs, which Mrs. Mandt-Rauch dose in a very smooth and professional manner her work ethics are beyond measure. My husband and I are extremely happy with Mrs. Mandt Rauch. Keller Williams should be very proud to have Mrs. Yumi Mandt-Rauch representing them in the world of Real Estate. Best wishes for continued success.


Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mallard - Owner/Seller

Punky McDaniels

Well. I was hoping that having Yumi selling my condo would be OK. I didn't expect the entire deal to go that easy and that fast. I decided to move out of my condo in Culver City, gave the keys to Yumi and hope. A little surprise came few days later in my inbox. Pictures of what looked like my place but much prettier. Yes!!!! Yumi came with her own stuff and staged my place like I wanted to live there again. So of course people lined up to visit and to make offers. It took just few days for me to say yes to a gentleman who wanted my place really bad. Then everything went really fast.

Everybody told me before I decided to sell that it wasn't the right time, the economy, the mortgage crisis...... They of course didn't know my secret weapon. Yumi with her big smiles, availability and dedication made all the difference. Yumi you're the best, I mean it. I wish everybody was conducting business like you do. Thanks a million.

Rebecca and David Shaw

We can't say enough positive things about our experience working with Yumi to sell our home. Her knowledge of the market, her eye for staging, her strong work ethic and excellent communication skills are among the things that made selling our home, quickly and for a good price, in a tough economy seem easy.

If you are selling your home and Yumi is your agent, listen to her, do what she suggests and you will be fine. As stressful as selling your home can seem, Yumi will be there to help you, so relax. You're in good hands. It was a pleasure working with her.

We not only sold our home, we gained a friend.

Rebecca and David Shaw

Rekha Rohila

I just want to drop you a little note to let you know how much I appreciate all your help with the sale of my condo in Los Angeles.  I know it's the real estate agent's job to make sure the sale goes through but I feel that you went way above and beyond your duties.  We hit so many unforeseen glitches during the process but you kept on top of everything & kept me very positive when I was starting to lose hope.  So positive in fact that I had complete faith in you and I left Los Angeles to move to Seattle even before escrow closed!!  I had no doubts in my mind about leaving my future in your hands.  I knew I could trust you to take care of any issues that my come up.  If this is not the sign of an excellent agent, I don't know what is.
I got a great feeling from you as soon as you came to my place after I told you I wanted to sell my condo.  You sat with me & explained to me how the entire process would work so I wouldn't be in the dark about anything.  You took so much of your time to rearrange my furniture and redecorate my place to make it more appealing to the general public instead of to women only.  I couldn't believe that while I was at work, you actually came to my place to rearrange the kitchen cabinets to simplify them so they wouldn't look so cluttered!  You also took care of a lot of other things for me since I wasn't available to take time of work...you waited for the gas company, the termite exterminator, and many others I can't even remember. 
I also want to thank your mom for everything she did.  I just couldn't believe how she was with you every step of the way in helping you decorate my patio and for letting me use her precious plants to "cheer" up my place.   She truly is a very generous person.   Last peron to acknowledge here is your husband.  He came over after your dinner to help you hang pictures that you were not able to hang by yourself.  You sure are a family team!!
I don't know any agent who has done any of these things for a client. Dealing with real estate agents would be a wonderful experience if all of them were like you. You are definitely very passionate about your job and it shows in your work.   I will recommend you to anyone looking to sell or buy a place.
Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria Rickham

My experience with Yumi has been excellent from start to finish of the transaction. Her great customer service skills, patience, thoroughness and attention to detail all were overwhelming appreciated throughout. As a first time single female buyer I was intimidated but was put at complete ease and could trust that Yumi would follow through and often times go above and beyond the call of duty to see that my wishes were met. She is a great agent and an excellent personality as well. I have found my real estate agent for life.

Wisanu and Waratip Suthanurak

Yumi was our real estate agent on both end of transactions Our case was a bit complicated because we want to sell the condo and then buy a house. Yumi helped us gliding through the transition smoothly. Not only she is very knowledgable about real estate regulations and transactions, but also very understanding emotionally during our transition. She laid out what was going to happen during the selling, what should we do during the transition, and what are the steps in buying. When the time came to sell our condo, she helped us setup our condo so it looked its best. It definitely looked great because we received multiple offers, and got our full asking price with no string attach! Buying was another tricky part because we didn't have much, so it took us a lot of time to find one that fit our needs within our budget. Yumi was very patient, and kept encouraging us that one day we would find our dream house. During the process, I never once felt that she pushed me to close the deal. She always told me her honest opinion, and represented our best interest. One day, we finally found a house with online account that Yumi set up for us. In no time, Yumi setup an appointment with the seller the first day it went on the listing. We ended up wrapping up the deal during the weekend, and the house never even had an open house.

There is no doubt that she will be my real estate agent again for my next purchase.

Yoshie and Steve Beimler

From the very beginning she gave us nothing but sound advice! How important it was to price our condo in a profitable manner, but in tune with the local market. How staging it correctly makes all the difference, it really is an art form, and she truly is an artist! She has a wonderful demeanor, a great expertise on the local market, supported by a good instinct as to which buyer would be a good 'fit' for the home, and which buyer would have the financial resources to buy it and go through Escrow without a glitch. Despite the slow real estate market, we followed all her advice and were able to sell our condo within 5 weeks of it being listed, at the asking price, and made a decent profit.

We highly recommend her,


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