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Yumi was born and raised in Brazil and earned a Bachelor degree in Economics. She speaks English, Portuguese, Japanese and Spanish.

Yumi is a resident of Los Angeles since 1987. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their 2 children.

Yumi worked as a computer programmer/analyst for American corporations in Brazil and in the USA as well as for Glaxo SmithKline and later Quest Diagnostics before starting a career in Real Estate. She is very client sensitive, analytically minded, and a hard worker. She regularly goes the extra mile to please the client and to ensure that the job is well done.

While on the one hand she has a calm and very friendly aura, on the other she is a very persistent , doesn't take no for an answer and is a positive thinker.

Yumi comes from a very traditional, old fashion Japanese culture where ethical behavior is the only acceptable one. Honor, honesty, integrity and hard work are the way of life in Yumi's upbringing.

Yumi's computer and analysis background gives her an edge on using technology to help her clients clients get the best results.

Yumi's mission is to be your realtor for life by providing ultimate, first class, professional service. Your success in getting the best real estate transaction will enable Yumi to achieve her personal dream and goal of creating a "Kids and Dreams" foundation to give opportunity to kids to achieve their full potential.

Yumi was awarded the 5 star professional published in Los Angeles Magazine in 2014 and 2015.